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Personal 2011


Designed by

Jaewan Jeong

"All in One Smart Electric Cutting Board with IOT"

"This project was made in 2011, Which is 2-3 years earlier

than first IOT product in CES 2014."

Usability Analysis

First, I have a brainstorming freely. It depends on the uncomfortable point and how to use, I investigated for impact on the cutting board. Most people who didn't know how to cook replied that they feel an uncomfortable.  And they worried about clean issues of cutting board. I researched for behavior of people towards a product, various usage and uncomfortable points about cutting board.

I drew the chart and analyzed. I progressed it and focused on the sanitation problem and original functions. Depending on features of users who use the electric cutting board and generations, I drew a chart and I divided into 4 target groups.

1. Clean issue

2. Noise problems

3. Heavy weight

4. Etc

- The bacteria reproduction problem after use. It needed good habit of using variety of ingredients.

- Too noisy when you cutting the food.

- It is a difficult to move to other plate from a board due to heavy weight of its.

- Too boring when cooking or dish washing.

Design Process

UV Sterilizing

While using top side of the board, the bottom side will be disinfected in order to prevent cross-contamination. At the same time, a display screen on the board will recommend a recipe and show the progress of disinfection on the bottom side of the board.

Connected Life

It will let you know "today's menu" depends on your preference, nutrition balance with current ingredient you have now.

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