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Floor Care VBL

Electrolux 2015 

ID only

Designed by

Jaewan Jeong

"New Floor Care Visual Brand Language

for Electrolux"

Flow Concept

Flow direction explore the evolution heritage from our original Utraflex model. Inspired by futuristic concept cars with sophisticated 3D flow lines and tension in the surfacing. The treatment of the Flow lines brings dynamic layering in the product and smart integration for the ventilation.

The turbo cyclonic feature is integrated into the product body and loaded by the user from the back. The front digital UI brings high tech perception, and with the power glow lighting animation to visualize the powerful performance. This concept keeps the ease of use value from Ultraflex by enhancing the key usage: handling, furniture protection feature, visible dust cover and etc.

Edge Concept

Edge direction for the bagless platform emphasize the dynamic hexagon as an iconic front shield. The main body is a clean shell that encapsulate the technology by selectively exposing the 'technology'. This concept provides a good balance between the perception of advance technologies and contemporary home appliances product design.

Layering treatment of the digital UI and the turbo cyclonic component expresses the Hi-tech feeling of the product.

Root Concept

Root direction quietly integrate into your home environment. Refined minimalistic design approach with integrated details references from digital home appliance with high performance.

The simplicity of the form and clean surfaces open up endless possibilities for CMF applications. For example, wood pattern, fabric and texture. All the key functions are implemented inside a seamless iconic central 'band'. The turbo cyclonic is smartly integrated under a tinted translucent window with illumination, 

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