Home Comfort

Electrolux 2015


Designed by

Jaewan Jeong

"Smart Air Purifier for Kids with IOT"

The insights I found with research was that parents do not want their baby change the setting that parents did. Also people are not really check everyday the exact number for air quality, just want it works automatically and properly. There is a only button has two functions that press long for turn on & off and press one for changing different modes. And the indicator for wifi connecting. If you want to check the detail conditions and control the features, open an app anywhere to check out for your baby.

Multi-Function Indicator

It is multi-function indicator that let you know not only the indoor air quality but also yellow dust alert and extra function like aroma or ionic treatment. So that without any number or display you immediately notice the outside of condition and inside of the air quality.

Illustration to Fit Your Baby's Environment

It offers illustrations panel cover to fit into your baby room that you could choose. It is a furniture-like design and interior friendly, so could be a good article for your baby room.

Illustration by Andy Westface