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Mobile 3.0

LG 2011


Designed by

Jaewan Jeong

"Next Smart Phone

with Light Touch Technology"

What is the Next Mobile?

The project was progressed with a theme of a revolutionary design that can give users a new experience. By using flexible LCD and light touch technology, it can be used as a mobile like normal and as a wide screen by simply erecting it when using for tasks or Facebook. A mobile that allows for the best user experience is proposed.

Work Mode

When having meetings or doing email or Social media, it can be use by switching into a touch-light mode.

Movie & Music Mode

By turning the device over, it automatically connects to the cloud system and downloads and plays music or videos, and applicable contents are displayed on a flexible LCD.

Smart TV Mode

When a person passes by, it automatically recognizes the person and provides channels that fit to person's preferences.

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