Expressionist KM

Electrolux 2015

ID only

Designed by

Jaewan Jeong

"Kitchen Machine for Expressionist Collection"

Introducting the Kitchen Machine (00:54)

High Tier for Global Market

Mission was to re-skin and develop the previous model to align High essential tier for global market. Win in the market place designed under Electrolux brand. Leveraging global scale by developing an SDA range that will be positioned in the fast growing segment. This Kitchen Machine is the ultimate innovation from the Electrolux Expressionist collection™ inspired from these Professional tools to express our consumers ‘creativity and easily deliver great tasting breads, pastries and cakes every time. 

Usability Analysis

Design Process & Quality Check

Sophisticated Design for Accessories

Sophisticated Details for the Best User Experience

LED experience for the knob and the bowl according to the user cases. The TruFlow hook is designed in a way that it helps the dough to be unscrewed from the hook during the processing and reaches a perfect thorough kneading result. This innovative feature prevents the dough from rotating on the hook without being kneaded which often happens with other kitchen machines.

Expressionist Collection

Making Muffin with Stand Mixer (01:35)