Jaewan Jeong

Dreamer who delight the people and inspire the world.
I have been doing variety of priceless projects with exceptional people at DJI, Electrolux, AT&T, Vtech, Pantech, Samsung, LG and Emersys from China, Hongkong, Korea and Europe.
DJI 2016-Present / Lead Industrial Designer / Drone and camera stabilizer design
Electrolux 2013-2016 / Industrial Designer / Small appliance for global market
Vtech 2012-2013 / Industrial Designer / Dect phone design for AT&T
LG 2012 / Freelance Industrial Designer / New vacuum cleaner concept for HA Labs
Emersys 2012 / Freelance Industrial Designer / Low cost bluetooth speaker
LG 2011 / Industrial Design Intern / Next smart phone design at MC Labs
Pantech 2009-2010 / Industrial Design Intern / Sky Designer's Community 7th
Samsung 2009 / Industrial Design Intern / Humanoid robot design at CNB Advanced Design Labs
Samsung 2009 / Industrial Design Intern / External hard disk design support
Hanyang Univ. 2005-2012 / BA Degree in Industrial Design
*Includes military service for 2 years
CES Show 2020 / Osmo Mobile 3 / Las vegas, USA
NAB Show 2017 / Ronin2 / Las vegas, USA
CES Show 2016 / Root / Las vegas, USA
IFA 2015 / Expressionist collections / Berlin, Germany
CES Show 2012 / Sound Donut / Las vegas, USA
Seoul Design Fair 2010 / Seoul, Korea
GQ France, Auto Driver, DT Magazine, Premium, Nostrodomus, eFashion, Gazetta, House Trens, Guia, B-1 Mag and more.
Yanko Design, Designboom, Tuvie, Fastco Design, Trend Hunter, Car Body Design, MWC, Kotaku, ID-Magazine, Monkee Design, Geeky Gadget, Trends Now, Neu Black and more.
Osmo Mobile 3 The Foldable mobile phone gimbal that allows light weight and compact size / Issued on Jun 2019
Osmo Mobile Tripod Compact size tripod that compatible with Osmo Mobile 3 / Issued on Jun 2019
Display Connector Structure Display connector structure for 4-axis Camera system / Issued on May 2019
4th-Axis Gimbal Camera System All in one 4th-Axis Camera system integrated Z-axis feature / Filed on Mar 2018
SDR Module system SDR inter-changeable module system design for 4th-Axis gimbal camera system / Filed on Mar 2018
Zoomable Lens Camera Zoomable lens camera and lens for aerial photography with 1 inch sensor that compatible for DJI drones / Issued on Jan 2018
Ronin 2 Ronin 2 Carbon fiber monocoque body design with integrated display for professional film makers / Issued on Jul 2017
Zenmuse X7 Zenmuse X7 World's first 35 inter-changeable camera system for aerial cinematography / Issued on Jul 2017
Remote Controller Design for Ronin 2 All in one remote controller design using carbon fiber material / Issued on Apr 2017
Ronin 2 Roll Axis Design Roll Axis arm design with carbon fiber monocoque body / Issued on Feb 2017
Ronin 2 Yaw Axis Design Yaw Axis arm design with carbon fiber monocoque body / Issued on Feb 2017
Thumb Controller Remote Thumb Controller for Ronin 2 / Issued on Feb 2017
Kitchen Machine Expressionist Kitchen Machine (EKM 7300) for global market / Issued on Mar 2015