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Jaewan jeong

The Dreamer who delights people and inspires the world. 

I am an award-winning Korean industrial designer and design director of Mach Innovations.

I majored in industrial design at Hanyang University in South Korea. After graduating with several internships in Pantech, Samsung, and LG, I joined VTech as an industrial designer in Hongkong. A year later I worked in Electrolux for 3 years based in Shanghai to design small appliances including floor care products, kitchen appliances, and air care products for the global market.

And moved to DJI world-leading innovative company based in Shenzhen, China. I became one of team leaders in charge of all product lines for DJI and Hasselblad from professional to consumer products such as drones, VR goggles, controllers, gimbals, cameras, and lenses. After leaving DJI where I worked for 6 years, I joined a startup team named Mach Innovations to bring the world's best innovative design and technology.

what i believe in industrial design

We are not artists, though we are artistic. We are not inventors, though we are inventive. And we are not engineers, though we bring a deep technical understanding to our work. We are not marketers, though the best of us propose concepts that lead the trends and market. Working freelance or in-house, industrial designers love art and science to improve the look, feel, and function of chairs, environments, cars, mobile phones, and even corporate logos.


"Good industrial designer makes a thing look good, and great industrial designer builds a relationship between an object and its user."

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