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MACH Tech App

Introducing MACH Tech app, your all-in-one cleaning app revolutionizing your cleaning routine. Experience the simplicity of one-touch control for both R1 Always-Clean and V1 Series, eliminating the complexity of traditional robot vacuum interactions. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with intuitive features. Stay in the know with real-time progress updates and effortlessly adjust settings anytime, anywhere. MACH Tech app is compatible with both iOS and Android, bringing smart cleaning to all.





2021 - 2023


Jaewan Jeong

Simon Kim

Shuyu Wang

Tina Zhao

My Contribution

Project lead

Concept development

App design

Officialy Launched MACH Tech App for IOS and Android

Supports up to Our Latest Products

Easy Maintenence with Intuitive UI

A Display That Makes Almost Everything Possible even without MACH App