Osmo Mobile 3

DJI 2019


Designed by

Jaewan Jeong

"The foldable mobile phone gimbal to feature gesture control"

Introducing Osmo Mobile 3

15 degree tilted design

15 degree tilted design allows it to make less strain on your wrist. It can be held for long periods of time.

Foldable Design


Weighing design allows it to be taken anywhere. Weighing just 405g, it is portable, light and convenient to too in a backpack for your next adventure. Standby mode allows you to use your smartphone when the gimbal is folded, enabling you to start shooting again In no time.

Design Process

Single-Handed Control

Osmo Mobile 3 easy to use with just one hand, providing more versatility and freedom of movement.

To Extend usage with Tripod

Osmo Mobile 3 - Imagination Unfolded

Osmo Mobile 3 BTS

Source: Paul Pan