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R1 Ultra

Vacuum, Mop, and Self-Clean Simultaneously

MACH has created an industry-first roller mop with dual water tanks. As it lifts dirt off the floor, the dirty water is transferred to a waste water tank. The clean water tank delivers a continuous stream of fresh water to mop the floor.

The UniClean Station delivers daily maintenance for R1 automatically.





2021 - 2024


Jaewan Jeong

Simon Kim

Ang Chao


Project Lead

Concept Development

Industrial Design

User Experience

Color, Material and Finish

Design for Manufacture

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Introducing MACH R1 Ultra

MACH Tech X RKBY Collaboration

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Vacuum, Mop, and Self-Clean Simultaneously.

Unique Design Language

At a glance, it is evident that the design sets itself apart. We have achieved a design language that transcends to a whole new level in the robotic vacuum cleaner market.

The visual identity of MACH is to keep simple and iconic silhouettes while expressing the powerful performance gently by using transparent materials. Even in iconic silhouettes, within users' reach, there are breathtaking details. Every detail, button, display, and water tank is crafted with extreme care and deep thinking to deliver the best experience and ergonomics to everyone.

Re-Organized the Key Components Layout

We started with the fundamental question: Why should the water tank be hidden inside like all other competitors? Is there a more intuitive way for the product and the user to interact? So we designed the product to expose the water tank outward, providing users with a wealth of information at a glance and allowing for a much more intuitive interaction between users and products.
With aesthetically pleasing proportions, the compact All-in-One Station helps users to take in and out of the heavy water tank easily, without the need to bend over.

Intuitive Design

Even from a distance, you can instantly access the complete status of the product. There is no need to go and open a flimsy lid every time to tediously check the clean water tank and the dirty water tank.

We have identified the optimal ratio between the clean and the wastewater tanks, allowing users to instantly know the water levels of both tanks just by looking at the clean water tank. Additionally, through LEDs, users can receive feedback in case of issues, and there is even a captivating effect when the Eco-Clean Ozone is activated.