Ronin 4D

4-Axis All in One Cinema Camera

With DJI Ronin 4D, our most advanced technologies have been integrated into one cutting-edge and comprehensive cinematography solution, which offers groundbreaking flexibility to solo cinematographers and unlimted possibilities for coordinated shooting.

It offers a completely unique design. Crafted with carbon fiber and aluminum magnesium, its solid body integrates the imaging, stabilization, and focusing systems, as well as wireless transmission and control. This avoids time-consuming setup and enables quicker shooting.





2016 - 2021


Jaewan Jeong

DJI designers

My Contribution

Concept development

User experience

Introducing Ronin 4D

Integrated and Modular: Both Realized in One Camera

Final model designed by the DJI Design team

Everything starts from insight

I went to United States with my working prototypes to have interviews with great directors like Gareth Edwards, Star Wars Director and Claudio Miranda, Winner of Oscars Award.

1st Prototype

2nd Prototype

3rd Prototype

4th Prototype

Final Prototype

I spend about 2 years making several prototypes and collects all feedback from professionals, and made prototypes over and over again.

After 5-6 rounds of making samples, eventually I organized and defined the current key components layout and usability of cinematography shoothing.

Shooting in Low Light with Erik Messerschmidt