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Wet & Dry Auto Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner

MACH V1 is versatile tool that can clean all types of wet and dry messes. Its Automatic Cleaning & drying dock simplifies users cleaning process significantly by doing all the dirty work automatically and leaving only to re-fill and empty the water tanks.

High-performance motor and water tank design that allows users to vacuum through wet and dry messes at once. With Eco-Clean Ozone™ technology the device uses disinfected clean water to wipe out any type of bacteria. This high-end cleaning device uses Tesla-Valve to let users control in real-time when and where to dispense detergent.





2022 - 2023


Jaewan Jeong

Simon Kim

Ang Chao


Project Lead

Concept Development

Industrial Design

User Experience

Color, Material and Finish

Design for Manufacture

All Images and Videos © Eufy

Introducing MACH V1 - Pet

Vacuum and Mop, Eco-Clean Ozone, Triple Self-Cleaning and Heated Air Drying

Passion for Craftmanship

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