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XCD Lenses

All New Hasselblad Lens Design Language

XCD New Lenses are precision-crafted metal lenses featuring a focus ring and a newly added control ring, both delicately engraved with the Hasselblad "H" logo print. The design, created using a precise 0.3mm drill bit, pays homage to the distinctive appearance of the HC/HCD lenses. Whether used with X-system or 907X cameras, this new lens stands as a unique, elegant statement, blending a nod to the past with its own modern flair.





2020 - 2022


Jaewan Jeong

Yingtian Tan

Sophie He

Irene Li


Project Lead

Concept Development

Industrial Design

User Experience

Color, Material and Finish

All Images and Videos © Hasselblad

X2D 100C New Lens Series

A simple push and pull of the focus ring changes from AF to MF mode.

XCD 2,5 / 38V

Lightweight lens for travel and close-distance shooting.

Industry First Full CNC Crafted Lens Ring

The design is created using a precise 0.3mm CNC drill bit and is a nod to the memorable look of the HC/HCD lenses.

XCD 2,5 / 55V

Wide-aperture lens for documentary and portrait shooting.

XCD 2,5 / 90V

Fast portrait lens for bokeh.