Zenmuse X7

DJI 2017


Designed by

Jaewan Jeong,

Aiqing Liu

"World's First 35 Camera Optimized 

for Aerial Cinematography"

Introducing Zenmuse X7

More Compact and Lighter

The Zenmuse X7 is a compact Super 35 sensor camera with an integrated gimbal made for high-end filmmaking that delivers stunning resolution and image quality. Its compatibility with the Inspire 2 offers the best in next-level professional aerial cinematography. 

The Best Air Circulation


Tear down the product to see and understand how organize the main component is and how it works.

It was a necessary process for me to figure out the best air-flow to cool down the components with the suitable dimension of its air ventilation on the back to get the ideal temperature. It also founds out the proper position of the lens release button with the right mechanism to fit the given spaces.

The winding road to Transylvania, Romania.

Photo by Calin Stan

Four Inter-Changeable Lenses

The X7 introduces the DL-Mount, the world's first integrated aerial lens mount that allows switching between four available prime lenses quickly.

Zenmuse X7 Showreel